Whispers  From  Heaven

Perfect in beauty, God shines forth

                                      There resides in all of us a profound love for the beautiful. Beauty and her sisters Truth and Light are God's divine attributes that grace the world of the fine arts. A world where poets dwell and painters linger, where imagination lends its appeal to render visible that which we cannot see with our eyes but must be felt with our hearts...  Kathleen King Padula 

                            Fine Art and Portrait Photography are Kathleen's love and passion.  She was a photographer of the year finalist for Life Touch Studios in 2002. Kathleen is also the creator of Whispers From Heaven, the first collection in a series of fine art photographs elegantly titled with biblical scripture. Whispers From Heaven greeting cards and matted framed prints have been carried in such places as Holy Land Art Company N.Y. N.Y. , Saint Francis Book Store N.Y N.Y. ,The Lamplighter Book Store Princeton N.J., Hawthorne Gospel Christian Book Store Hawthorne N.J., Allendale Christian Book Store Allendale N.J., Faith and Inspiration Book Store Netcong N.J., and The Abbey Gift Shop in Newton N.J.

 Whispers From Heaven has also been on solo exhibit at The West Wing Gallery in Ringwood N.J, and Country Meadows Inn in Hamburg N.J. Other gallery exhibits include; Peter Madero Gallery N.Y. N.Y, The Artist Showcase Chester, N.J. and the Dar Van Bunschooten Museum in Sussex N.J. Kathleen has also had her work published in Christianity And The Arts magazine and Artmax International.